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                      2022-09-17 18:14



                        Nowadays, students are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of developing digital skills. With the popularity of the Internet, digital capability has gradually emerged into our vision. There is a going recognition that students in mounting numbers realize the necessity of developing digital skills. In a digital era, it is of great importance for students to use the internet for their daily uses. The Internet tends to play an increasingly important role in our life. Therefore, many college students have the foresight to improve their digital ability. Technological advances can lead to more efficient uses of natural resources and sustain economic growth. With digital capability, not only can we follow the latest news, but also we can improve our working efficiency. It is an integral part of everyone' s life.

                        In the final analysis, we can have more convenience and enjoy more online services with improved digital capability. Nowadays, the world is developing rapidly and changing rapidly. Obviously, improving digital capability better and more efficient is a very helpful means.