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                        46.How do some musicians perceive using Al in creating music? B

                        A)It would help to produce more music idols.

                        B) It would be detrimental to music production

                        C) It would hinder the understgnding of guthentic music,

                        D) It would be the beginning of a new era in music creation.

                        47. What does Taryn Southern's story illustrate? A

                        A) Al technology is conducive to music composition.

                        B) Musicians will be unable to create music without high tech.

                        C) Musicians are often at their wits'end in their creative effort.

                        D) Al technology is indispensable to creating melodies and chords.

                        48. Why are some musicians opposed to the use of Al in creating music? A

                        A) Music produced with Al technology lacks humanness.

                        B) Music created with Al technology is easily emulated.

                        C) It will depreciate humans' role in music composition.

                        D) It will deplete young musicians' creative inspiration

                        49.Why do many people think music is too precious tg impart to Al technology? D

                        A) It cannot be created without pains.

                        C) lt is part of human life.

                        B) It cannot be produced at random.

                        D) It is human specific.

                        50.What does the author think of the future of Al music? B

                        A) It will continue to arouse the interest of music investors

                        B) It hgs the prospect of becoming the norm in the future.

                        C) It will be gradually accepted by old-school musicians.

                        D) It may eventually lose its freshness and appeal.

                        51. What does the author say about communicating science to the genergl public? B

                        A) It will help them to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments.

                        B) It is a necessary means to improve their understanding of scientific issues.

                        C) It will get them more involved in academic debates on environmental problems.

                        D) It is an effective way to augment scientists' influence beyond the academic circle

                        52. What does the author advise scientists do to deal with topics outside of their specialty? C

                        A) Write or present on them from new angles.

                        B) Utilize information from diverse sources.

                        C)Turn to a specialist for professional help.

                        D)Fact-check with colleagues in their field.

                        53.What does the author say we can learn from social media? D

                        A)A solid academic foundation is essential to understanding baffling scientific principles.

                        B) Modern technology has facilitgted communicgtion between scientists and the public

                        C) Scientific articles have gained increasing popularity among the general public

                        D) The public's understanding of science is much better thgn some have clgimed.

                        54.What does the example of the biologist who shared an intricate analogy show? C

                        A) It is helpful to use illustrations in explaining scientific phenomena.

                        B) It is imperative to have appropriate titles to explain scientific issues.

                        C)A learned scholar is not necessarily a qualified science communicator.

                        D) A nonscientific audience cannot duly understand principles of science.

                        55. What does the author suggest scientists do to close the gap between science and society? D

                        A)Explain complex concepts scientifically

                        B) Make appropriate use of scientific terms

                        C) Take courses in public speaking

                        D)Develop communication skill.